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"If I had been this open in my last relationship, who knows?"The self-proclaimed feminist said she had an epiphany that changed her outlook on her relationships when her family went to a six-day seminar about creating your own destiny last November."I was not into it at first, but I learned so much about myself and why my relationships didn't work that by the end I was on a high," Hough said.Seacrest doesn’t need to say much about his relationship status; the photos speak for themselves.

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Ryan seacrest is dating julianne updating the fru and sensor data records

Seacrest has dated a number of women in the industry, the most notable being "Dancing With the Stars" judge Julianne Hough.

Ryan recently opened up about why he hasn't gotten engaged, despite several long-term relationships, during a chat with Ripa.

He continued his radio show at a local Athens station.

Seacrest left the university at age 19 and moved to Hollywood to pursue his broadcasting career.

Seacrest appeared as the host of the fictional game show Lover's Lane on Beverly Hills, 90210 in "The Final Proof".

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