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” a beaming Mr Correa told the grinning Australian.

During a half-hour interview on Mr Assange’s Russian television chat show in May, the Ecuadorean discussed at great length his resentment of American “imperialism”, and his vehement dislike of big business, media barons and “elites”. “Please, let the world know about what happens in Latin America.

"He did what my grandmother and grandfather dreamed about in their day," Khanga says.

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The only dreams that they had -- my grandmother was white, and my grandfather was black -- was that Americans would someday allow mixed couples to live in peace, have children, and let the children have decent lives.

That is what they dreamed about." Dreams Of Her Grandfather Khanga's grandfather, Oliver Golden, became a member of the Communist Party in the United States after he failed to find work as anything but a waiter despite having a college degree.

For Russians of African descent, President Barack Obama offers a potent symbol of triumph over the same challenges they themselves face in a country where dark-skinned people remain rare and often unwelcome.

Yelena Khanga is one of Russia’s best-known black citizens.

These are mass media serving someone’s private interests.” Mr Assange nodded knowingly.

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