Ruining a friendship by dating

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MILWAUKEE—Calling it a huge opportunity to tap into a market that has traditionally been neglected by motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson announced Thursday a new line of motorcycles designed specifically for men.

” burns in your mind every time the subject is brought up.

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Ruining a friendship by dating

Everyone tells you that the two of you are the next Harry and Sally.

You’re attracted to how easy and fun your platonic relationship is with that person.

I know this because I’ve done it, and so has almost every guy I’ve ever met or come in contact with. In fact, it’s OK to be flattered by the fact that a guy is willing to be friends with you before harassing you with dating requests.

You've fallen for your best friend and don't know what to do.

Or (worst-case scenario) they can fall apart completely, leaving out the idea of a possible relationship and the friendship too awkward to fall back on. It sounds like flirtationships can get emotionally complicated, and they can.

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