best dating site without scammers - Rihanna dating a white man

So, when images of Rihanna kissing a lighter complected man surfaced, the assumption was that she had moved on to men of a lighter hue.

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He even had the cheek to say that Nicki Minaj has been “ran through.” This is all coming from a convicted rapist.

Here Are The Following Reasons Why Black Men Are The White People Of The Black Community: The Never Ending Violence And Abuse For a hot minute, black women have been trying to tell the world about the abuse that they face from black men. The police, criminal justice system and even friends & family.

Yet, they want to call Black women bitter when we express our grievances, annoyances or whatever, seeing Black man after famous Black man choose White women. Thankfully,though the uprising of hoteps who took issue with this new partnering were swiftly checked by the Black women who didn’t have time for the bullsh*t.

And while I’m sure it doesn’t matter to these sect of butt hurt Black men, it is interesting to note that Rihanna’s new boy toy is not White.

Black women have always got to be “strong and resilient.” Sometimes they just need someone to listen to what they’re saying.

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