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Every girl I asked out on a date for coffee or something has rejected me.

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And the reason for this debate is that there is a tendency to justify homosexual urges because, it is claimed, they are beyond one’s control.

So, some people say: “My sexual orientation is something Nature has decreed. So its not in my control whether I am attracted to the opposite gender or the same gender.” Such discussion is happening in the backdrop of what has been termed the ‘sexual revolution’, which began in full force in the 60’s and, some would argue, is still continuing to this day.

Asia-Pacific North Korean leader Kim Jong-un taunted the US yesterday after carrying out an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, saying it was a "gift" to "American b******s" on their independence day.

President Trump The messaging could not have been more transparent.

I am a straight guy who is attracted to women, but I have met a transgendered woman who is extremely beautiful and really nice.

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