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And activities by unethical individuals have given rise to a separate phishing scam.

This involves fake emails, claiming to be from the makers of the programme, asking for personal information.

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Their own figures show that they expect to generate an additional £256million from this change.'Many people who are looking forward to paying less inheritance tax due to the introduction of the residence nil rate band will lose a significant part of that saving in probate fees.

A £20,000 charge on a £2million estate is the same as adding 1 per cent to the inheritance tax rate.'The new probate fee will also create problems where estates predominantly consist of illiquid assets, such as property or farms, as there may not be enough cash available to pay the bill, leading to expensive bridging loans, additional administration costs and delay.'Tim Fullerlove, trusts and tax specialist at Wilsons Solicitors, says that on one hand the Government is making changes that take people out of inheritance tax, and on the other raising a tax which it is not calling a tax.

With around two-thirds of Britons dying without a will, heir locators have lots of opportunity to cash in.

Heir Hunters, the popular BBC show, has fuelled interest.

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act Part 6, section 79, covers payments to directors of quoted companies.

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