dating kim zolciak - Prevent java 6 from auto updating

Actually this problem is due to the control panel requiring administrator privileges to allow the Java control panel to save your settings (it hasn't been fixed for ages, thanks to Sun Microsystems).First, you need to find the Java Control Panel executable, in one of the following locations: The path will differ depending on your system's architecture and which version of Java you have installed.I'm just tweaking out my new Windows 7 laptop and wanted to disable the automatic Java updating (and thus kill the silly background process), but I can't seem to get it to actually turn it off.

Prevent java 6 from auto updating

I am trying other browsers now and will switch out soon. This new (version) updates from firefox is really really annoying.

But know, version 7 is in fact either 3.4.2 or 4.0.0 which is stupid.

Read this answer in context Your above posted system details show outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks.

I am trying other browsers now and will switch out soon.

Oracle has changed Java’s update process to be more intrusive to encourage computer users to upgrade to the latest version. By default, an installation of Java will check for updates and then will prompt the end user to install the update whether or not the user has Admin rights.

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