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Forcepoint Labs have named the samples 'Felismus' in reference to the 'Tom & Jerry' encryption key used by the malware.

At the time of discovery, the initial sample (SHA256: e48822e0c5ceae5377100053047e78f015b1ec2372f349eaa9e98f25ba33e4da) had a relatively low detection rate of 9/60 on Virus Total, triggering only generic/heuristic signatures.

For the past several weeks, Forcepoint Security Labs have been tracking a seemingly low-profile piece of malware which piqued our interest for a number of reasons: few samples appear to be available in the wild; there is no previous documentation referring to the C2 domains and IP addresses it uses (despite the domains appearing to be at least twelve months old); and, if its compilation timestamps are to be trusted, the campaign itself may have been active for at least six months before samples started to surface...

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