to elucidating - Play count not updating itunes 11

Hi Everyone, A while back, I put together a few scripts for my own use in the Windows version of i Tunes.Today I realized that some of you might also benefit from these so I'm now making them available online.

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All scripts on this page are public domain (CC0) except for "play_count_-_set_currently_playing.vbs" which was created by Tiketti.

To use one of these scripts, first save the file of choice to your computer, have i Tunes running and open, select (highlight) the tracks you wish to modify [or for some scripts, have the track playing], then open (double-click) the file you downloaded.

I have a music app that plays short snippets of songs.

I'd like to be able to increment the play count of the song, update the last played date, etc of these songs when they have been played.

Apple developed the play count feature of i Tunes to help with their "Smart Playlists" feature.

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