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But the bathroom is being repaired and the waiter assures us it will only be another 5 mins.

Sinn is really struggling and she starts uncontrollably peeing her pants at her seat & it's splashing all over and the waiter comes & confronts her, totally embaressing & shaming her Agatha teaches yoga in her one piece spandex bodysuit that shows off her curves just fine, but she looks fidgety and uncomfortable and I think she just grabbed her crotch! You find out the truth as she hobbles about & empties her bladder onto the yoga mat & bare feet.

Lots of giggling, tickling and silly fun but they BOTH end up totally peeing in their tight jeans and stepping in puddles of their pee!

We go to a new restaurant & Sinn is already bursting for a pee!

Pornstar Jassie is tiedup for a bondage shoot but they had to find a gag.

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