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It is earnings that companies hold onto for reinvestment or as a safety net.Negative retained earnings, often recorded on the balance sheet as accumulated deficit, means the company has more retained losses over time than accumulated net income.The greater agent due care exercised, the more valuable the service.

, i.e., in most cases, your customers can only hope that the policy they purchase is appropriate.

That is why agents are vital players in solving client needs.

It does not, however, cover fraudulent behavior, punitive damages or claims based on transactions for the personal account of a business professional.

Considering the enormous exposure to liability of business professionals under the provisions of the broad liability laws, the importance of E & O insurance cannot be overstated.

This saving through deduction of interest paid was deemed to be the main attractive feature of the bank financed plan of paying life insurance.)The court discussed the issue that a bank finance plan could be useful for a person whose income and financial condition is such that his income tax puts him in high brackets and who has the means to liquidate the steadily increasing debt out of other sources.

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