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Her impeccably arranged Fifties style, inspired by the retro-soul throatiness of her voice and her idol Etta James, is emulated in trendy circles, from her platinum-streaked pompadour to the ornate hourglasses dresses and six-inch heels on her wispy frame.

Come fall, the gregarious Faith is planning to release over tea at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, "America is a huge priority." She is planning a cross-country headlining tour following the release of lead single "Picking Up the Pieces," and she is eager for the new challenge.

She has since appeared in two more feature films, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Dread.

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Like so many of her countrymen before her, the British pop singer Paloma Faith is determined to conquer America.

However, like fewer of them, she arrives on our shores with a ringing endorsement from Satan.

Childhood: Paloma Faith was born in the Hackney, London, to an English mother and a Spanish father who divorced when she was four years old.

Following this, Faith moved with her mother to Stoke Newington, London.

‘It’s almost like a form of voyeurism, because it’s a snippet of someone else’s life you are using – it’s a little like walking past someone’s window and peeking inside, then feeling guilty because you have caught their eye.’ In 2015 Paloma, who was previously married to taxidermist Rian Haynes, said that she knew Leyman was the man for her because her mum had told her that ‘if you feel trapped you’re in the wrong relationship but if you feel freer than when you’re single, you’ve met the right person’.

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