Outlook 2016 shared folders not updating

I’ve now found a workaround for this limitation using the OWA App for i Phone, i Pad, and Android. Suppose I have permissions to access the Inbox and Calendar folders of a room resource mailbox.

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Note: To set “Folder visible” permissions on a folder; Right click on a parent folder of the shared folder and choose Properties. Add the person who needs to be able to access a sub folder. Other User's folders To access these folders, you must add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox to your existing Exchange account.

Verify that this person is selected after adding it. The mailbox owner might need to grant you additional “Folder visible” permissions on the folders above this folder for you to actually be able to access the folder.

The resolution is as follows: EDIT: (32 bit users be aware, you will need to create a 32bit DWord equivalent or it won't work! In order to make Deleted items behave in the same way, here's the fix for that...

ISSUE How to Share Outlook Sub-Folders ENVIRONMENT Outlook 2013 Office 365 RESOLUTION Before a user can access a shared folder, the sharer needs to set the “Folder visible” permissions on the parent folders of the shared folder.

When you use 'Send As' from one of the shared mailboxes, the sent email goes into your own sent items, rather than being saved within Sent Items of the shared mailbox.

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