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The name Angola comes from the word Ngola which was an iron object that symbolised kingship among the Mbundu and Lunda people[ii].

After 1 000 CE several larger centralised states began to form in different parts of present-day Angola.

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The paying entity must withhold the tax and subsequently remit it to the tax administration.

The taxable income corresponds to 70% of the earnings, when these are paid by companies or by individuals with organized accounting; for the remaining cases, the income is determined based on the accounting, on the taxpayers’ accounting records, on records available for the purchases, sales and services rendered, or on the information the Tax Administration has available.

For the purposes of taxation, how is an individual defined as a resident of Angola?

Angola has a long and rich history, and is home to some of the largest historical kingdoms in Africa such as the Kingdom of Kongo or the Kingdom of Ndongo.

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