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: S You: urn, yeah You: when i was 13 i was staying up until 1 in the morning Stranger: well wer not you : D# Stranger: my parents are strict, i used to go to boarding school Stranger: to learn me some decency coz i always used to fart You: first of all you look extremelly young, your jaw line looks like that of a 13 year old and you havn't developed boobs, which a 17 year old wud hav Stranger: you pervert You: and 17 yr olds wud not laugh to fart jokes You: bye Stranger: im a size 34C You: i have no interest in 13 year old girls You: no youre not, that was probably ur moms bra Stranger: you cheeky git Stranger: im not going to walk into my moms room while she is sleeping Stranger: son of a bitch You: any way, the fact that you r on this website at such a youny age just proves what sluts you r and that you have some serious mental issues Stranger: im having driving lessons : S i have a metallic blue corsa Stranger: LD02 UNR You: no you don't, Stranger: yer i do You: no u dont Stranger: im planning to go to oxford, ive got a place if i want it im studying medicnes You: oh really Stranger: well she is not me Stranger: : P You: so do u take biology?, Stranger: yes i take languages biology physics chemistry english ,maths A* maths paper and geography Stranger: history You: then tell me the chemical formula for photo synthesis and the molar mass for water Stranger: yeah,,, not my best subject i got a D Stranger: ask the blonde You: well then you will never get into oxford You: seriouslly you r the most idiotic examples of human beings that i have ever met Stranger: i no it Stranger: 6co2 6h20 You: no u don't u probably just googled it, Stranger: and glucose Stranger: no i never You: if u had known it, you wud have told me already You: r u stupid Stranger: me?Register free of charge on Play Naughty and you can chat online to all the other horny men and hot women in the UK.

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You: hmmmmm, no you didnt, if u had put some research into your lie, then you would know that algodystrophy causes pain in the person who suffers from it You: and that the person still ages fine, only some of their limbs are disproportional to the rest of their body, such as one arm or a foot Stranger: yes it causes a great lot of pain go and look it up in the dictionary, it means where your circulation doesnt function properly so it causes damage to the muscles and that leaves the consequences of taking a lot of time to develop and heal : D You: oh, i see, miss little oxford discovered google You: thinks she's so smart now Stranger: she fell of a sand dume and really hurt it You: well i can tell you that you are't a sufferer from algodystrophy.

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