was travis alexander dating someone else - Ocs presence not updating

In the option of Communicator, the option “Update my presence based on my Calendar information” is checked but that doesn’t seem to work either. The bad new is; Communicator 2007 R2 isn’t compatible with Office 2013.

ocs presence not updating-72

Clicking the button opens a list of errors and other notifications.

Common causes of the red exclamation point are missed calls/instant messages, Outlook integration errors, address book synchronization errors, or not having a correct Autodiscover record.

Specifically, after the SIP address change, would communication still work with another Communicator user who had previously added the old SIP address into their contact list?

After being involved in a deployment that did a few SIP address changes, I am pleased to report that there were no major issues.

The red exclamation point that appears in the Office Communicator notification area (top right corner) can indicate one of several different underlying problems.

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