Norwegian free sexy chat without registiration

’ Poronkusema An old Sami word meaning ‘the distance reindeer can travel before needing to urinate’.

Knullruffs A Swedish word meaning ‘messy hair after having sex’. ‘Hi Brenda, you have knullrufs today – I guess your date went well last night?

To what extent do those who watch pornography on the Internet also use it as an arena for erotic chatting?

The data stem from a survey on sexual behavior among a random sample of 10,000 Norwegians between the age of 18 and 49. A total of 82% reported to have read pornographic magazines, while 84% had seen pornographic films, and 34% had examined pornography on the Internet.

Gender was the most significant variable for the prediction of pornography use.

Level of education predicted exposure to pornography on the Internet, in magazines and in films.

It expresses a sense of balance and satisfaction with having your needs met without needing excess.

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