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However, many people do not see the term goy as any more or less offensive than the term gentile.and its variants appear over 550 times in reference to Israelites and to Gentile nations.

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In the Talmud, interfaith marriage is completely prohibited, although the definition of interfaith is not so simply expressed.

The Biblical position on exogamous marriage is somewhat ambiguous; that is, except in relation to intermarriage with a Canaanite, which the majority of the Israelite patriarchs are depicted as criticising.

In English, the use of the word goy can be controversial.

It is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to a non-Jew, but many see it as no more insulting than the term gentile.

Religious coercion and deceptive proselytizing may include the attempt to convert people through devious and false means, pushing others to change their faith, and pressuring people to think differently.

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