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The intrinsic biological aging process is driven by the accumulation of damage to the cellular and molecular structures in tissues and organs, resulting from the biochemical side-effects of essential metabolic processes.

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The most robustly-documented manipulation that extends life and health in mammals remains Calorie restriction (CR), and this has led to a strong interest in the biogerontology community in evaluating pharmacological agents that might might provide its benefits without requiring the arduous adoption of a CR diet in humans -- so-called "CR mimetics."(1) In an earlier post, we reviewed a long list of putative CR mimetics that have failed in lifespan studies.

Amongst these was the phytoalexin polyphenol resveratrol, famously found in trace amounts in wine and widely anticipated to be one of the first effective life-extending, youth-preserving compound, but found ineffective in testing in nonobese, longevous mice.(2) We also reviewed the results of the serendipitous late-life lifespan study of rapamycin (sirolimus/Rapamune®), an inhibitor of the mammalian Target of Rapamycin (m TOR) pathway, through the NIA's Interventions Testing Program (ITP), "a multi-institutional study investigating treatments with the potential to extend lifespan and delay disease and dysfunction in mice." This study was hailed as a breakthrough, being the first robust demonstration of lifespan extension in mammals by a pharmacological agent, although as we reviewed, the absolute effect of rapamycin was limited, and in fact not entirely clear in males.(3)Rapamycin was administered in food to genetically heterogeneous mice from the age of 9 months and produced significant increases in life span, including maximum life span, at each of three test sites. Rapamycin was found to lead to improved survival in both males and females when pooling across test sites, and to significant effects at each test site considered separately. For males, rapamycin led to an increase of 10% in median age, averaged across the three sites, and an increase of 16% in the 90th percentile age [ie, by operational definition, maximum lifespan -MR].

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