New zealand sex

Violent crime constitutes around 10% of all recorded offences, and sexual offences less than 1%, but the physical and emotional damage they cause is substantial.Many people, communities, groups and organisations are dedicated to making sure the people who commit these crimes are identified, convicted, and punished appropriately.

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The case against the Government was taken to the High Court in May 1996.

The applicants argued that the Marriage Act 1955 did not prohibit same-sex marriage and that under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and the New Zealand Human Rights Act 1993, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was prohibited.

Along with food, water and timber, sex was one of the major commodities exchanged for European goods.

The Bay of Islands and in particular the town of Kororareka was notorious for this and brothels proliferated.

These include other government agencies such as the Police, Child, Youth and Family, and the Ministry of Justice.

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