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First, perhaps because the foreign press is barred from much of Syria, the journalists are reporting from Lebanon or Jordan instead.

Second, all the reports cite a human rights activist named Wissam Tarif when discussing the death toll and how the clashes between protesters and security forces transpired.

As with the earlier Bop It model, special victory songs were unlocked upon completion.

The game featured 4 games modes (Vox Bop, Beat Bop, Vox Bop Solo and Beat Bop Solo), and the maximum score (reported via cypher) was increased to 250.

Given media restrictions in Syria, activists like Tarif and human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh are becoming critical conduits of information for foreign journalists reporting on the increasingly bloody uprising in the country.

Which makes us wonder, who exactly is Wissam Tarif?

On April 21, 1831, the new institution received its charter and was incorporated as the University of the City of New York by the New York State Legislature; older documents often refer to it by that name.

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