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But for the longest time Cornell chose to disregard rumors that Shanti had been passed around amongst rappers like Jay-Z and Nas as well as among lesser known producers, like Chink Santana.

From what we hear — Ashanti’s new duet with Keyshia Cole “Woman To Woman” rang a little too true to his ears.

Rapper NELLY is still dating singer ASHANTI despite recent rumours of a split.

The couple has been romantically involved since 2003, but they were rumoured to have gone their separate ways earlier this month (Jul08) after the New York Daily News quoted Ashanti as saying, “I’m dating my new album, and no one else.” However, according to website, their relationship is still going strong.

M dubbed singer Ashanti – who is also Nelly’s ex – as his Woman Crush Wednesday in several posts on the social network, which seemingly led to a response from Nelly.

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