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But an internal affairs investigator didn’t believe him, concluding that Calvao was “deliberately vague and evasive” about the circumstances and “untruthful” about his conversations with the female employee."In many instances during the interviews of Officer Calvao, he claimed not to recollect details of his interactions with (the woman)," the investigator wrote.

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Tolson tells her riveting story in first-person narrative, enabling the reader to instantly bond with her authentic voice.

Readers can readily visualize the settings, plot, and characters due to the author’s well-developed descriptions and dialogue.

Rather, it is a beautiful community where programs, recreation, and services are designed specifically for individuals.

Our large, indoor heated swimming pool is only one of the features many residents use to maintain their vitality and their interest in continuing to live a full and active life.

Locating a community that provides a caring, convenient environment, and meets our personal needs, becomes more important with each passing year.

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