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Not only can money be an aphrodisiac for men women, like beauty, though neither are bad in themselves, both can lead to all sorts of bad judgements if the person involved has not resolutely made up their mind beforehand to always go for the most Godly options placed before them and consult him in the process and give up their own notions of what’s right for them (often God has something totally different, more suited and better for believers).The truth is, in a world where we are all told we are owed and should have and are entitled to everything – it can be almost impossible to see the wood for the trees for men and women when it comes to choosing the spouse that God would have them marry.The golden rule is to not try to push your beliefs onto the other person!

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The most important thing is to be understanding and respectful, and open-minded to their views, which may well differ to yours.

The aim is to gain a better understanding of your date’s beliefs (and them of yours) in order to develop mutual respect.

It’s just the way of the world, and mentioned many times in the Bible as being a man’s great weakness.

Equally, women often have similar troubles, but in a slightly different way; sometimes, when confronted with affluence and success in a man, they have the same mental reasoning block and in a subconscious effort to find and create a stable environment for their children, they will choose the man that can offer them financial stability over one that might actually be better for both then and their children in terms of their spiritual welfare.

However it can be an enriching experience as you learn about another person’s beliefs and how it affects their life.

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