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Women in their late 20s and early 30s, urged to be educated all their lives, settle into their careers or studies, suddenly become less desirable mates to some men.

Another phenomenon faced by several ethnic communities is that many educated men marry outside of their community, race and religion.

Nach der Präsentation gab es auf der Teststrecke des IKA eine beeindruckende Fahrdemonstration mit den Vorjahresfahrzeugen.

If you do find a match, head to the prize table and see if you’ve won a prize.

A major part of creating a beloved community is the creation of a family but a Muslim marriage crisis is at our doorstep.

Danke für die Einladung - viel Glück für die bevorstehende Saison wünschen Euch Euer campushamster Sir Ecurie von Aix und das Team der campushunter!

Since when did skin shade, religion and the prospect of living with your in-laws become a concern for educated, career women looking for Mr Right?

Erste Impressionen vom noch "unvollendeten Fahrzeug" begeisterten schon die Gäste und wir sind schon gespannt auf den fertigen Boliden.

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