Morgan man is dating his step granddaughter

After years of silence Morgan Freeman is finally speaking out about rumors he and step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines are romantically involved — claiming the reports are nothing but “defamatory fabrications.” As I posted yesterday, I’ve heard the rumors about Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter for quite some time now, and never seen them either confirmed or denied.

Why now, after all this time, is the 74-year-old actor speaking out?

The said that a 30-year-old man man who was at the scene was taken into custody and moved to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

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“Morgan rang in the New Year by planting a pas­sionate kiss on his new gal Ellie, who’s an accountant in Los Angeles,” his pal told The ENQUIRER. The taboo relationship ended the “Million Dollar Baby” Oscar winner’s 24-year marriage, as well as a long-running extramarital affair.

“Friends believe the relationship could be serious because Morgan also invited Ellie’s mother and sister along.” In 2009, The ENQUIRER re­ported exclusively that Freeman had been carrying on a shocking 10- year affair with E’Dena Hines. Now, Free­man has replaced E’dena with Ellie, said his pal.

What the reports did was get people talking about the actor and his personal life, asking whether his rumored relationship is wrong, questionable, or simply odd.

On one hand, E’Dena isn’t actually his blood relative, and since she would have been about 17 when they began this alleged relationship that puts her at the age of consent—and him out legal trouble.

Morgan Freeman has dumped his step­granddaughter for a new young girlfriend!

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