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In the video entitled “Buzzfeed Presents: Do You Have A Racial Preference?

” research data gathered from 2.4 million heterosexual interactions on the dating app, “Are You Interested (AYI)”, shows that Black men responded most to different races, despite the fact that Black women were three times more likely to reply back.

It’s not surprising that Black women are the least responded to online, considering the media and Hollywood’s glorification of European beauty.

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(58)perdoar é recordar com amor (32)o que merece cada um (24)amar e gostar (52)amores possíveis (172)namoro a distância (248)feliz recomeço!

The crumbling edifice of the United States continues to reel under the effects of forced multicultural bliss, with a poor Missouri couple being the latest recipients of diverse enrichment.

No matter how commonplace it is to observe that the state was born in Western Europe and subsequently exported to the rest of the world, until now there has been no single book that traces out the implications of this for those peripheral, extra-European societies that were compelled to import this bizarre form of political order.

It is impossible to do justice to the variety and scope of arguments that Badie develops in this extraordinarily erudite and interdisciplinary work." — Philippe C.

This era saw the rise of cities such as Caracol, Lamanai and Tikal (now situated in Guatemala).

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