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Reservation(s) - means any reservation to dine at The Fat Duck that is at any time made by you or anyone else and that is at any time linked to any particular Ticket you or anyone else orders or purchases, and the term “Reservation” includes, and a Reservation includes: - the date and time of that Reservation (Reservation Date); the duration of that reservation; each as specified in what we refer to as the Ticket Confirmation in the Terms Terms and Conditions - means the Terms and Conditions of use of our site (including our Privacy Policy) The Itinerary - The Itinerary refers to a multi-course tasting menu, which changes from time to time, served as a series of dishes at The Fat Duck.Learning About Taxes A course to help you understand the fundamentals of the Canadian tax system and to teach you how to file a basic income tax return.

Where the meaning of a word or phrase is defined either here, or elsewhere in the Terms, below, that word or phrase shall have the same meaning if we use it on any page and/or part of our site, and/or in any email or other written communication we send to you as part of or in connection with your purchase of, or attempt to purchase, any Ticket from us, and/or in relation to any Reservation you make or attempt to make. If there are any images of the Tickets on our site, although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that your computer's display of the colours accurately reflects the colour of the Tickets.

If you get working income tax benefit advance payments, send a new working income tax benefit advance payments application to the CRA.

If you do not send a new application, your advance payments will stop until the CRA receives it.

The application deadline date is August 31 every year.

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