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, 30 November - 3 December 2008, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

In: Proceedings of 17th IEEE International Symposium Applications of Ferroelectrics (1), pp. From: 17th IEEE International Symposium Applications of Ferroelectrics , 23-28 February 2008, Santa Re, New Mexico, USA .

Larry Wolek (Michael Storm), is planning for her impending nuptials when ex-boyfriend Marco Dane arrives in Llanview.

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In 1960, at the time of the recording of this album, Joe Meek was most famous for his Outer Space inspired pop tunes.

A string of hits and the proceeds from a multi-million selling song called Telstar had afforded him the opportunity to set up his own label and he was determined to develop his sound along the lines of what he regarded as his very unique ability to create what the populace wanted to hear.

We observed that 78.4% of modern mitogenomes cluster into 89 haplogroups that most likely arose in situ.

For each Sardinian-Specific Haplogroup (SSH), we also identified the upstream node in the phylogeny, from which non-Sardinian mitogenomes radiate.

Joe assembled a group he christened The Blueman for the recording of I Hear a New World, insisting that they dress in silver space suits and paint themselves blue.

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