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It can help to reduce stress, burn calories, and promote relaxation.

it's just made me reallyy jealous of all those girls in real life who are hotter and prettier than me, which i'm really not proud of. i have no problem with guys masturbating to porn stars or celebrities, but i've always thought fantasizing about girls in real life is crossing the line.

but when we see each other, everything is really good. but then, i'm not sure whether it's just a guy thing, and i should just try to forget about it, cos he doesn't really know those girls.

If you pick up a slang dictionary, you'll find hundreds and maybe thousands of terms that mean the same thing as masturbate.

Those terms are almost all inappropriate, so use them carefully.

Another study of teens ages 14 to 17 confirmed what you likely already know to be true: Males reported masturbating more than females, and the frequency of masturbation among both sexes increased with age.

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