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Ramona warned, “Truthfully the riff that is happening with Bethenny and I does continue and gets worse before it gets better.” I hate saying it, but at least we (hopefully) have something exciting to look forward to this season. She continued, “When I look back and think about it all, it’s almost like we are in high school and she is holding the grudge against me for ‘doing the wrong thing’.

I can go over and over what I should have said, how I should have said it, but I won’t.

June, 2016It was time to meet the families, considering both of us were hitting 30 soon.

FYI, it take guts for a techie to move from Delhi to Ahmedabad considering the level of startup-tech ecosystem in these cities...(months of ups, downs, fights and love)..

They adore each other, except for one object of contention that surfaced when Lucy arrived in Italy and met Milo, who literally sleeps on a red velvet cushion. For the next week, he sat at the kitchen table (just the way he used to in Paris! When the final test arrived, he finished it in 15 minutes. Finally, with a half hour to go, he turned it in and retreated to the bathroom and nervously played games on his phone. Yesterday Luca's psych class was instructed to make two separate drawings of a house, tree & person.

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