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She shrugs off questions about her quirky and very individual looks. Vive la difference.’She wasn’t always so sanguine, however, about her appearance. So he’s always felt like a cousin even though I’d never met him.

People often ask why Charlotte Martin hasn't got a boyfriend.

She's an attractive 31-year-old from Hungerford in Berkshire with a successful career as a three-day event rider and a busy social diary.

But according to Patricia Warren, a farmer's wife from Derbyshire who runs the Country Bureau, a rural introduction agency, the country dating scene can be bleak, whatever age you are.

"Communities are small and people work long hours," she says. "I've gone to so many hunt balls this year, I've become a bit of a joke among my friends.

If you are looking to date an active outdoor partner and enjoy the outdoors hand in hand with a fellow enthusiast OR just find a few friends with same interests, then look no further.

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