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In addition to managing the issues faced by all couples — issues of roles and responsibilities, financial concerns, intimacy and sexuality, and different communication styles — gay and lesbian couples face the added challenge of nurturing their relationships in a world that is often hostile.

Outright rejection or more subtle lack of understanding by family and friends can create an added burden for couples already struggling to create healthy intimate relationships.

It is my profound belief that we each have the capacity to create healthy, nurturing and joyful relationships.

The work that I do is tailored to meet your specific needs and concerns.

It wasn't a true representation of Farmington though, so maybe my impression isn't that valid. I lived in farmington all my life and being a native it's hard to be out. The sad thing is the only way to get in the gay kind of community is to leave farmington. If Farmington doesn't have any lesbian bars it might just be because of its size.

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