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Durante la settimana della moda del Brasile primavera/estate 2011, Lais, è stata la modella più richiesta con 27 sfilate alla San Paulo Fashion Week e 26 durante la Rio Fashion Week.È apparsa in copertina sulla edizione americana, tedesca, brasiliana ed italiana di Vogue, ed è apparsa sulle campagne pubblicitarie di Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Tom Ford e GAP.Nel 2009 ha avuto un bambino chiamato Alexander; vive a New York.

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The brand was called Victoria’s Secret after Queen Victoria - the figurehead of a notoriously repressed era.

The name suggested a veil of respectability pulled over ‘secrets’ hidden underneath.

Even the frothy Frenchness of the word – ‘lingerie’ – seems designed to keep all decent men a good 15 feet away from the windows, lest they be accused of being a thigh-rubbing perv.

It was the universal certainty that most men would rather be in a war zone than a women’s underwear store that led Californian Roy Raymond to set up Victoria’s Secret back in 1977.

also Karolina Kurkova, is a Czech model, best known as a former Victoria's Secret Angel, and actress.

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