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Whilst in free roam, players can complete different Challenges and activities such as raiding gang hideouts, hunting waves of dangerous animals at a Hunting ground, or engaging other posses in Shoot Outs.These activities can be done on your own or with a Posse.

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The first step would be to REGISTER for free so you can take advantage of all the features we have to offer. I probably enjoyed too much egg nog over the recent holidays, or at least had too much free time.

You can also launch other organized multiplayer game modes from special markers in free roam.

In Xbox 360, players are matched with other gamers according to "Gamer Zones".

The project is being Crowdsourced through Kickstarter and all the information can be found HERE One of the best things is that being a Kickstarter project you only pay once the project has enough money to go ahead, and an added bonus for the UK crew is that its being funded in Australian Dollars which means to get the album through your door it will cost around 16.50 including delivery! If you are interested in playing or know someone who might be, Please get in touch with me! ) Audioblast - Fortnightly Basis Friday Nights 9pm - 10pm Oli Double-T - Sundays More Information To Come Seven Sins - More Information To Come Want to Play on Krafty? The return of Kevin Energy playing 3 hours over the night is probably the biggest standout on the lineup, however the rest of the lineup doesn't struggle to hold its own with the likes of Scott Brown, CLSM, K-Complex, Mark Ashley, Eryk Orpheus, A. You can find the full lineup as well as the price list here If there are any events you think we should know about, again get in touch through the Facebook Group! Trackmaster Music and Hardcore Rapture Digital Present Bang On!

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