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In 1999’s The Matrix, young Neo nearly took a bullet in the head—and why?

Because he was distracted by a woman in a red dress.

And while few remember much about Queen Elizabeth’s 2012 jubilee, who can forget Kate Middleton showing up in that red Alexander Mc Queen dress? “It has always signified power, wealth and passion,” said brand consultant Liz Dennery Sanders.

So potent and enduring is the “Red Dress Effect” that behavioral psychologists have studied it—and demonstrated that women who don red are not only regarded by men as more physically and sexually attractive, but also tend to have more money spent on them. Second, according to professor Jenny Darroch of Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker School of Management, the true alchemy takes place when red bedrapes a tall, beautiful woman.

Also, the year 2014 wasn't a good year for CAH in the media; a trans teen named Jonah publicly burned a transphobic card, causing many who had enjoyed the game to examine it critically - some people removing over a hundred cards from the original decks.

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