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So sometimes as a woman you have to lay the groundwork to get him to kiss you. The lean in always works because now the guy knows, "Ok, she's leaning in. It's safe."You could just plain out look at him and say, "Just kiss me already!

In fact, some of them are just terrified of everything! When you go to the bathroom, whisper in his ear so he can smell you and say, "Hey I'll be right back." Gently kiss his ear while you're there. At the end of the date lean in a little so he knows you're ready for him to kiss you.

If I walk her to her door and she stalls, I know she's thinking about it too.

She might get all flirtatious or try to grab my hand. " —Roderick, 22, Bloomington, IN"I go for the kiss when a girl starts to get touchy-feely.

I was in a long-term relationship with a guy since school but we broke up after eight years. After that, I found it really difficult to have a committed relationship. None of those relationships lasted more than a few months. As he got back into the car, he started talking and leaned towards me to kiss me. After a two-minute pause, I told him I didn't really feel up to it.

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