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I wasn't expecting anything less from the same screenwriter of Tatta Hitotsu No Koi, Sunao Ni Narenakute and Orange read more Days, nor from the same director of Winter Sonata, Sorry I love you and Bad Guy. It talks about the fragile, magic relationship between the living and the deceased: how hard it is to let go, to overcome regrets and remorses while still keeping the memory alive.

The photography is beautiful, it highlights that vague atmosphere constantly suspended between reality and fairy-tale.

He offers her a part-time job assisting him, and they set off on a 14-day journey.

I was hesitant about the overall score to give to this movie.

This story just made me go through a emotional roller coaster, one second I was smiling like an idiot in front of the screen and the next, I became a sobbing mess. Awesome movie, has some similarities with "Humming" but a totally different plot. But due to the comments, I finally got the courage to watch it. the scene when he can't say his feelings, it was so heartbreaking and I'm near to tears that time.. it really spoke to me, the movie itself is amazing. And btw, besides Long vacation, she also the writer of "Halfway" that cast Okada Misaki and Kitano Kii. first asian made film/drama that actually made me cry (that coffee scene was so heart-breaking).

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