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Long-time Darling friend Katelyn Tarver is one such example, releasing with us today her new single, “Love Me Again.” In it, Katelyn sings about the vulnerability required of a long-term relationship, and the ups and downs that inevitably color it and give it life along the way.I’ve always been fascinated by people and relationships and how they work. Is it actually possible to love someone your whole life?Katelyn Marie Tarver (born November 2nd, 1989) is an American singer/songwriter/actress.

I was a couple years into dating my now husband and it had hit that point that every relationship eventually hits. ” There’s so much pressure to choose the right person and live the right life and work the right job that, ultimately, it can feel paralyzing.

You’ve both shown the uglier sides of yourself and you’re wondering if the other person is going to stick around. I think it makes it hard to commit to someone when you’re constantly confronted with the idea that maybe there’s someone better for you somewhere else. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to focus on yourself and meet different types of people and figure out who you are. But at some point, I think it can keep you from seeing the beauty in commitment and sacrifice and that there’s a lot of fun and freedom in that, too. Every person is so different, therefore every relationship is so different. It can be a tough call to make but, there are a couple of questions/thoughts I like to consider.

On June 14, 2011, Tarver independently released her A Little More Free EP, produced by Matt Grabe.

She was Honor Society's opening act on their June–July 2011 "Wherever You Are" tour.

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