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Two songs from Red tape appeared on the album, and two from Orange tape.

i know during if it was you, sara was in a relationship and living with the girl in vancouver. during so jealous, sara had moved to montreal to "chase after" emy as she put it, and a lot of the songs were about how sara wanted her. during the con, sara had broken up with emy and that's what most of her songs were about.

tegan had already broken up with her gf long before and was going after lindsey, and all of her songs were about her unrequited love for her.

After Was adding the lyrics and singing on and on the new album something you did to become more accessible?

It seems like even if it’s something you didn’t intend to do, it’s become thatway.

for heartthrob, tegan was still with lindsey and sara had broken up with her gf and may have been pursuing stacy already. In the recent Proud FM radio interview from Toronto, Sara said "I actually didn't write The Con when I was in a bad place, I very quickly became depressed and was in a bad place when the record was done.

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