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But Al Jazeera has since clarified the terms of its allegations.Deborah Davies, the lead reporter behind "The Dark Side," explained to The Denver Post that the documentary never alleged that Manning took the hormone.But when the documents were sent to me on Tuesday, two days after the Super Bowl, it was immediately clear to me that had the world actually known what they contained, it’s doubtful that Peyton would have ever been the “swell, golly, gee-whiz” pitchman for Nationwide Insurance, Direc TV or Papa John’s Pizza.

“My clients and I are also convinced that the University’s leadership is truly committed to continue its exemplary efforts to create a model as it relates to sexual misconduct.” The release also noted that the school “is not admitting guilt, negligence or unlawful acts” as part of the settlement.

Tennessee’s athletic department and the school’s central administration will split the cost of the settlement.

Lowe answered that question backstage after three hours of insults were hurled at the show's taping.

( airs Labor Day on Comedy Central.)"I think the best daises are the daises that have people where you’re like what the (expletive)?

Peyton Manning found himself embroiled in scandal when Al Jazeera released "The Dark Side," a documentary that purported to link shipments of human growth hormone (HGH) to the quarterback in 2011.

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