Is niall horan dating katy perry

He laughed off her comments, exclaiming: 'Katy, please stop being mean to me!

'He added: 'She is just finding any excuse to just patronise me and go around spreading rumours about me.

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On Wednesday, Katy Perry confessed that Niall Horan 'is always trying to get my number'.

But in an interview on The Project on Thursday, the One Direction singer has finally responded to Katy's claims.

Simon Cowell thought Horan was “unprepared” but still likeable. Although she thought that Horan was a bit young, he was 16 when he auditioned, she ended up saying yes because of his charisma.

This revelation has sparked the Katy Perry, Niall Horan dating speculations. During that time, the then 16-year-old Horan auditioned as a solo singer. Horan was later placed in a group, which eventually became One Direction.

She is not that much older than me,” he pointed out.

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