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CHAPTER 116 - COMMON-INTEREST OWNERSHIP (UNIFORM ACT) ARTICLE 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS Part I Definitions and Other General Provisions NRS 116.001 Short title. NRS 116.3115 Assessments for common expenses; funding of adequate reserves; collection of interest on past due assessments; calculation of assessments for particular types of common expenses; notice of meetings regarding assessments for capital improvements. NRS 116.31144 Audit and review of financial statements.The latter permitted business offices, banks, restaurants, dry cleaners, gas and service stations, building supply warehouses, bowling alleys, stores for the sale of drugs, candy and tobacco, small manufacturing laboratories and mortician use. zone permits the land to be used for business and professional offices, retail department stores, food supermarkets and medical arts buildings.

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(One-family residential use) with the area facing Paterson Avenue zoned LI-C.

(Light Industry-Commercial) for a depth of 200 feet.

NRS 116.311395 Funds of association to be deposited or invested at certain financial institutions. NRS 116.31142 Preparation and presentation of financial statements.

NRS 116.011 Association and unit-owners association defined. NRS 116.31138 Insurance: Variance or waiver of provisions in community restricted to nonresidential use.

In addition, the state's Municipal Land Use Law provides that zoning should encourage the most appropriate use of land. Harris Dep't of Law & Public Safety 2d Floor, State House Annex, Trenton NJ 08625 (609) 292-4925 For modification and affirmance — Chief Justice WILENTZ and Justices SULLIVAN, PASHMAN, CLIFFORD, SCHREIBER, HANDLER and POLLOCK — 7. More specifically, the issue is whether a municipality's obligation "to encourage the most appropriate use of land," N. It found that the ordinance is an unreasonable exercise of the zoning power in light of judicial legislative and executive pronouncements establishing a statewide policy of encouraging recreational use of dry sand beach areas along the Atlantic Ocean. I The Curtis Point Property Owners Association, defendant and third-party plaintiff in this action, owns an oceanfront lot in Brick Township.

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