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Author of Smart Parenting During and After Divorce.My rule of thumb is that divorced and separated parents should keep children out of their social lives until they have been separated or divorced for a period of at least two years and you have known your potential new partner for at least a year. New Partners You might think your new partner is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at one time you thought the same thing about the person whose name is on the bottom of the restraining order you just got.But for extra help, Marni shares three signs you know it’s time to introduce your guy to the kids. It will only confuse kids if they’re continually introduced to a barrage of suitors.

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You can even introduce him as your friend rather than your boyfriend at first and then let him slowly get to know your kids (and you in the role of mother).

Set him up to win by making it clear that your child (or children) aren’t competing for your time and attention. Have you asked him if he’s ready to meet your kids?

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to have been seeing each other for a long time, just that you aren’t on/off all the time, rowing a lot and that the relationship doesn’t cause you a great deal of emotional anguish.

Above all your children want you to be happy – happy parents make happy children – and if your new partner makes you happy they are likely to welcome them with open arms.

What happens as a result is an extended “honeymoon period” in the new relationship.

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