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Then, we had Michelle Dockery and Ariel Winter blowing bright-orange kisses to adoring fans.

These are pretty strong statement lips, so we tapped an expert before attempting to try this at home.

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Thompson-inspired late-career slide into self-imitation and , actually—there’s no one in the movie with the wherewithal to match him.

And it’s nice to see Depp rouse himself from his Hunter S.

Maybe it’s because he’s not given much to do—while Depp’s Bulger gets a whole rich circle of colorfully evil henchmen doing colorfully evil things (Jesse Plemons practically steals the film in like nine minutes of screentime), Edgerton’s Connolly is essentially forced to play out the same I-want-your-badge-and-gun routine with his FBI superiors and coworkers (Kevin Bacon, Adam Scott, David Harbour) over and over again. Earl Brown as Bulger’s placidly lethal henchman, and Julianne Nicholson as Connolly’s despairing wife. But the action itself goes less forward than round and round: bodies, yelling, bars.

Then a new year rolls around, and everyone resets, and starts yelling again.

, he plays James “Whitey” Bulger, the same approximate role that Jack Nicholson chewed up and drooled all over in The Departed. But its heart is a nasty mutual self-destruction pact between Bulger and his childhood friend turned FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), who protects Bulger while becoming a law enforcement star for systematically putting away Bulger’s enemies.

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