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Some of my favorite non-consensual fantasies involve bosses. I worked there with a really attractive divorced woman of about thirty-six, a blonde with a great figure and large breasts. I'd be interested in anybody's stories, real or fantasies. I saw him a couple of times in the office, clearly a snotty arrogant jerk himself.You want to know that all your relationships are positive and that there's no apparent gaps in your performance -- and if there are, to shore them up.

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She once told me that she was walking through the doors when this boss' son was walking out. She meekly murmered, "excused me", but this kid half her age, blocked her exit and, in her words, "looked me up and down", blatantly checking her out.

No doubt he was thinking that in a few years he would be in charge and be her boss.

Today's workplace is about as challenging as it's ever been.

Not only are people being laid off left and right, but those who have kept their jobs have had to re-assess their standing amidst unsettling reorganizations.

Tell him you want to understand what he'd like you to do differently and that you'll do your best to make those changes.

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