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Just ask Mark Brooks, who has worked in and around the industry for two decades.

It's estimated that 15% of Americans have used dating websites or apps, with numbers expected to rise in the next many years. Marketers have played a huge role in helping this industry grow from simple online personals to complex platforms with millions of users. New innovations and a growing user base now give marketers more data than ever to play with in online dating. No website has found the magic method of creating a love connection.

In actuality, same-sex marital practices and rituals are less known in Egypt compared to Mesopotamia, where documents exist for a variety of marital practices, including male lovers of kings and polyandry.

None of the recorded laws of Mesopotamia, including the Code of Hammurabi, contain restrictions against same-sex unions despite the fact that marriages are otherwise well regulated (Eskridge).

At times throughout history, same-sex relationships have enjoyed relative freedom within their respective places.

Same-Sex Relationships in Early Civilization Evidence exists that same-sex marriages were tolerated in parts of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

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