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“When you go to bars, you’re beholden to the regular crowd,” she says. Now it’s a hip spot to host a party, complete with twinkle lights and GIF-making photo booth.

On a sweltering Tuesday night, she chooses the latter. Whereas here, everyone’s here for this.” “Here” is a warehouse space on Hanover Place NW, a dead-end street in Truxton Circle that used to be an open-air drug market in the 1980s.

Or she could go to a private party where she knows everyone there will be single.

“I sent out 10 messages on Bumble today, and got like two back,” Scott says, referring to the dating app where women have to make the first move. “I’ve been on all the other dating apps,” she says. ” She hasn’t made any love connections through the club’s parties, but one of her friends did. It’s a lot of work for connections that often don’t stick.

They’re tired of dating apps or refusing to use them in general.” And then there’s the fact that it can feel so impersonal.

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