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There’s also this guy, who shows up shirtless and playing the violin for some reason.Hot people in general lose because of unfair stereoty- …

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isn’t devoting their journalistic resources to targeting individual homeless people over and over again, they’re churning out provocative pieces specifically engineered to take over the internet outrage cycle for the day.

Take “Women are not capable of understanding ‘Good Fellas’” (by one-man troll factory Kyle Smith), or “Hey, ladies — catcalls are flattering!

Dive in for dating horror shows and the lowdown on what's hot (and what's not), and find out whether you should dust those pick-up lines off or bury them forever.

Everything you need to know about the single life in 2017 is right here.

“Why I won’t date hot women anymore,” focused on 40-year-old Dan Rochkind, who said that he spent most of his 30s going on multiple dates a week with blond models but found himself unsatisfied.

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