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They also confirm the early theory that suggests that dioecious plants come from a hermaphrodite ancestor.

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Marine Science: Research & Development When the first edition of Richard Dawkin’s book The Selfish Gene was published (1976), the view that “altruistic behaviour” in animal populations is a common phenomenon was widely accepted.

Dawkins questioned this interpretation and proposed his concept of the selfish (i.e., immortal) gene, which explains a number of phenomena, such as the evolution of anisogamy, or the roles of males vs.

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Dawkins; Cannibalism; Leeches; Selfish gene; Sex-genderconflict In a recent article published in this journal it has been documented that the terms “sex” (i.e., fertilization) and “gender” (i.e., the development of juveniles into adult, fertile males/females), as well as the distinction between gonochorists (such as birds or mammals) and hermaphrodites, originated in the 19th century [1].

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